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Default Cruise Giveaway-Is this true (Update)

I'am one of those who always think that you never get something for nothing. I constantly get advertisements in the mail for 2-night stay at X location, if you just come sit through our resort presentation. Well the other night I got one that said they would give me a 7-night, Carnival cruise, with a choice of four different cruises to choose from. I told my DH I could sit through a 90-minute presentation if it meant a free cruise. I'am sure we would have to pay tax and port fee but oh well. What do you think?

So we went to the resort presentation, I was not that impress with the resort (Napa Valley California), but I must say our host were very gracious. I told them that it was just not a good time for us because we had just purchased a home. They just said okay, go upstairs and collect your prize...again I was very skeptical, another young lady ask us again to reconsider and came down more on the price, again I politely told them no and they handed me a form to send it for my 7-day cruise of my choice on either the Pride, Triumph, Destiny or Elation. Now here's the catch. You have to pay for port fees and taxes, $299.00 per person. I also received $500.00 in airfare vouchers. Not bad..... I haven't decided if I'am going to take them up on this, but I did book the Carnival Liberty on my own, for March 17th. I thought it was a little funny though, most of the participants were getting wine train tours and we were getting a free cruise.
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