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I am one of the few polite smokers left in the world....I actually respect your right to not be subjected to my bad habit. I obey the rules, don't smoke in nonsmoking areas, ask you if my smoke blowing your way bothers you, and won't smoke in the cabin when cruising with my nonsmoking friends. I will go to a nonsmoking restaurant, I will book a nonsmoking hotel, and I will be polite to you if you tell me it bothers you (but tell me in a nice manner), then I will put it out or move to another location unless, of course, you are in one of the limited areas I have left to smoke and start rudely complaining. I also agree that the ships did a good thing by making smoking allowable on only one side of the ship, and making some of the clubs nonsmoking. I also agree that the Paradise was a prime example of why a completely nonsomking ship won't work, but why not provide nonsmoking sailings or make half of the cabins nonsmoking on every ship? I wouldn't have a problem with that, nor do I think smokers would.

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