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Originally Posted by gambitscuba
Just because the family feels there was no foul play doesn't mean that there wasnt.... There are hundreds of sexually frustrated crew members on those ships... and if one of them thought they had a chance with a pretty American girl and she decided to fend him off... outside on a deck... then im sure he probably pushed her off... I don't think it would have been suicide... I just don't see that as a feasible thought... you also have to wonder how much life insurance her family had on her... and if the fathers business might have been doing poorly the past couple of years...
Most ships on all the outside decks have cameras. that is how they knew that 21 year old guy fell of the Mariner of the seas a few months ago.

Apparently he was sick and drunk and had climbed up on the rail throwing up when he fell-at least that is what I got out of the account I read about it- the cameras caught the whole thing.

Now I don't think there are cameras on the private balconies-but crew members don't have balconies-their rooms are in the bowl of the ship-and not very nice.
So I don't think you have a very good theory.

I think you are just trying to terrify alot of single women-any woman that keeps her senses-does not set her drink down and leave it and then comes back to it and does not get roaring drunk and is foolish enough to go off with someone she just met-AKA Natalie Holloway- is just as safe as any where else.

How many women get asaulted in every major US city every day? It happens I bet every day and several times everyday in every major city on this planet-I actually believe a young woman is safer on a cruise ship then she would be in most major cities in the world.

By the way most cruiselines have strict polices about crew members fratinizing with ship's passengers. I know of one case where this 23 year old assitant waiter was fired and sent packing because of him going to the beach with a 19 year old passenger and her girlfriends for his hour off in Martinque. I know this because this young woman was a friend of my daughter's and she felt very bad about this. She had no idea there was such a policy.
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