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Originally Posted by dkjretired
Probably a continuation of the new engines that are going onto the Solestic Class ships which had previously been announced. Someone could correct me if I'm wrong, but some believe that this will solve the pod problem. I think they are not related but could be wrong.

I don't believe the new diesel generators will fix the pod problem. Apparently the Gas turbines are not producing enough power to generators to produce enough electricity. Also I think the Millennium on her second voyage had a convertor problem with electricity to one pod.
I kind of understand that the marine grade diesel is burned and the gas given off is used to run turbines that spin generators to produce electricity that power the pods system and all the electricity for the ship.
The heat given off is also used to heat water.
I guess the new generators will be diesel internal combuston in either an old piston or a turbo roatary type engine for production of electricity.
These would be backup in case the Gas Turbines were not procucing enough electricity.
What do you think?
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