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Default Tipping ??????????

Hello we are going on our first cruise sailing on the Caribbean princess.
I have read lots of posts re tipping which seems to be an extremely sensitive topic. I am now more confused than ever?? I have read if you can't afford to tip go camping? That staffs on the cruise ships are paid pittance for slave labour and rely on our tips to make up their wage?
I have decided to keep the $10 per day on my account but then have come to realise it does not stop at that. You can really go on for ever so where do you draw the line, when the staff who I assume will be absolutely fantastic are stood waiting for another tip, I am certainly not rich and do not agree with you small minded people who think only the super rich can cruise if you think that way you have a big ego problem and yes I will call you snobs who think you are high and mighty and above everyone else some people save for years to live a dream something some of you just take for granted and do every year well good for you I think that is great if you can afford to but give a thought to those who do struggle. The lady who was honest and said that she could genuinely not afford to tip and asked for your advice on how not to, which is surely her choice was just ganged up on and slated by some of you
So where do you stop.
The man who said should he tip the flight attendant and was told no because they rip us off with expensive drinks?????
What about this big cruise company then, that expect us to make up their staffs wages because they pay them pittance well don't you think maybe they should take less of a whopping profit and pay their staff the wage they deserve.
Quote "If we didn't tip, the cruise line would put up the prices so none of us could afford to cruise" again maybe the cruise company should take less profit which I am sure is in the millions??? Maybe I am wrong and have got the wrong end of the stick maybe the cruise lines do not make much profit?? So my question is where do I draw the line because I am sure I will want to tip everyone who is fantastic but unfortunately I can not afford to do this, people ask how much do I tip the spa but 15% has already been added on sorry but I don't understand? If you are none of these people who have left these reply's then you have no need to take offence.

Thank you I await your replies which I am sure will be full of your own views and opinions and probably full of your insults. We all have a right to these and if some of you didn't get so nasty, I certainly wouldn't feel the need to get nasty back.
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