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I don't believe the new diesel generators will fix the pod problem.

That's correct.

Apparently the Gas turbines are not producing enough power to generators to produce enough electricity.

No, nothing of the sort. The gas turbines provide plenty of power, and these ships have not had problems maintaining schedules due to lack of power. Rather, it's entirely a question of fuel efficiency. Gas turbines are not very efficient at low power, so the company expects the savings in fuel consumption to pay the costs incurred to buy and to install the new generators in a fairly short time.

I kind of understand that the marine grade diesel is burned and the gas given off is used to run turbines that spin generators to produce electricity that power the pods system and all the electricity for the ship.

Yes, that's absolutely correct. I'm not sure why you include the words "sort of"....

I guess the new generators will be diesel internal combuston in either an old piston or a turbo roatary type engine for production of electricity.

Hmmm.... Rotary diesels? That's an interesting idea, and certainly theoretically possible, but I'm not aware of any such engines. Do you have a link to such a product?

These would be backup in case the Gas Turbines were not procucing enough electricity.

No, not a back-up. Rather, it's an auxilliary system for times when there's not enough demand to place full load on a gas turbine.

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