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the picture of GST Constellation I was referring to is very much current, taken during her 2nd last sailing in the Baltic and Scandinavia, leaving Bergen. The photographer, Erik, is aprofessional and sets up from a bridge overlooking the sailaway lane, and takes most brilliant shots of turning into, coming towards , passing by and sailing away. The full front picture I am referring to, with the help of a good quality zoom lens, revealed beyond a doubt that her deck #11 lounge front windows are quite clear of any CDS garbage....Thus my query as to how did X find a way to clean her up, while GST Summit still carries the '' debris''....and DID have a 95+ hours drydock this past may....

Okay, that casts the previous post about the photos in a completely different light.

BTW, you might be aware that GST Infinity's propulsion systems as a whole ( not the pods, per se) are fussying up ....twice over the last 3 sailings, necessitating dropping anchor, cooling the engines down, '' making required repairs'' then continuing on....I wonder if she's not just due for another emergency drydock....and thus lined up for the diesel auxilliary installation while they're at it...

I saw the posts about apparent problems on one of her Alaska cruises, but apparently it was not the pods. I'm getting the sense that the problem probably is in an electrical control unit, so they don't have to put she ship indo drydock to fix it.

Poor X;;;;the mechanical maintenance items sure are catching up to the top brass, arent' they....

Celebrity actually has one of the best track records in the industry when it comes to mechanical maintenance. The only major recurring problem has been the thrust bearings in the pods on the four vessels of the Millennium class, which appear to be due to defective design -- not Celebrity's fault.

Of course, the line could schedule these vessels for a short annual drydocking to replace the main thrust bearings and thus avoid disruptions to the schedules, now that the executives know that there's a problem.

Now, about GTS Summit....

No matter. My next cruise is aboard GTS Infinity in October, which gives them plenty of time to resolve whatever problems they are having with the propulsion system.

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