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parrot - maybe you should try a different cruise line - more elaborate like RC or something. I agree with hockeylover -- and I knew I would stir the But, people like you arn't worth arguing with - as I have gone that road before. For me? Yes, I have spent 3000 on a cruise before - not hard to do at all as a matter of fact. Not pp now, but the whole family. And.....if I spend 500 or 4000, I am going to wear what is comfortable for me. I will dress up on dress up night if I want to, wear jeans on other nights if I want to - or wear my bathrobe if I want to. And, if people like you don't like it - then don't look! As far as the original question from txwildflower -- wear the new pair with sportscoat and go enjoy - HE is on VACATION! I bet no one will even notice!
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