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Originally Posted by venice
Criscomia...I look at it this way...Alot of the fun in going on a cruise is that we can get dressed up every night of the week if we want !!! Outside of Mardi Gras Ball season it's the only time I get any use out of my sexy tux that I love to wear..I believe if you are going to put out the money to go on a cruise, and you clearly understand that formal night and theme nights are part of that experience, you should go along with it, because heck, it's only 1 or 2 nights out of the year and it's the least I can do for my GF

I have notice when it comes to this topic on these boards, it appears the men are taking a beating about not dressing up...What happens if the male wants to dress up and the female doesn't?..In my 25 cruises, I have never not seen a female dress up for formal night (the catfight is when there are 6-8 women wearing the same dress or doesn't bother us men that we all look like penguins or in the dark suits like we just came from a taping of 'Six Feet Under")

I'm just saying there are bigger issues in life to get upset about then what people wear or don't wear on formal night (and I think some people just do it to draw attention to theirselves and don't consider that it may embarass the spouse who really looks nice in their outfit),so rather then give them that benefit, I would just ignore them

Now if you really want to see some upset people.. A few years back I was on the Mariner of the Seas when it was a half charter by a motorcycle group...on formal night they wore their bikers leather (which was fine with the ship because they all ate at one setting and in fact the waiters wore leather vest to be in the spirit of the evening) should have seen the expressions on the faces of the dressed up was a hoot !!!! Plus some of the female bikers looked awesome in their leather outfits with whips and chains
I too am a biker......would have loved to have seen the group and the expressions on the other peoples faces. There are some people that still think that bikers are like they depict in some of the old movies...(Hells Angels and the like). I was actually one of those people who thought that about 10 years ago before I started riding my own bike. Most of those people are Doctors, Lawyers, professionals, etc.
But one thing I'm sure of, is they got it oked by the Captain or some higher up to be able to do that for the one night.....otherwise the waiters would not have been in dress also. It's just called manners and respect. All comes back to that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful cruise!
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