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Royal Caribbean and HOGS have formed a really neat partnership and it's now a twice a year event. My older brother is going in November and he is excited and I understand one of the senior officers with Royal Caribbean owns a Harley..Now that the cruise line and guest have seen this event for a couple of years, I understand the guest that are not in the group get into it as much as the group..the HOGS also do alot of fund raising onboard to help riders with dialysis and alot of non HOGS cruisers contribute to that worthy cause during the week and everyone enjoys the fashion show on formal night and makes for some great photo ops of leather and tuxes and formal gowns are so right about the changing image of bikers, everybody rides today from all walks of life brother belongs to a club that rides that no one's quite a picture to see 100 bikers at a rest stop drinking coffee and coke

Many years ago I went to Sturgiss..WOW !!!!!!!!
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