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Default Re: Tipping ??????????

Originally Posted by gambitscuba
Originally Posted by LISA27
That staffs on the cruise ships are paid pittance for slave labour and rely on our tips to make up their wage?
All I know is... my friend, Mirko, who is a waiter (i wont say what line) gets $2.05 an hour... he works 15 hour days and he works his rear off... needless to say because he works his rear off he gets pretty decent tips... but that's because he deserves them... but if you have Waiter (false name) Gupta G. who gets every order wrong... calls you mr. when your a miss... and never refills your water glass... then Waiter G. does not deserve your tip... and shouldn't get it... if he is dense enough to not want to serve you better to get a better tip.. then that's his own problem...

It all comes back to personal preference... you shouldn't feel bad if you don't tip each person you meet $20 dollars... HAH... tipping is your discretion and is a very personal interaction between the person who recieved the services that the staff provided...
I agree and at the same time don't agree.

I understand the labor is worth his hire. Maybe the crusieline needs to pay better. Actually some lines do. There are a few lines who do not encourage tipping, I only know of them from the message boards I can't afford them. Now that is the problem. Pay me now or pay me latter. If you don't tip then you prepay the tip in higher crusie fare.

Now here is another problem as was stated bove. One waiter does a great job the other does a poor job. I think every passenger needs to tip but also fill out the comment card and point out the waiter who provided poor service and the cruise line should either re-train or fire the poor server. This would give better service all around.

It is my decision to go above and beyond in my tips. I have often given a select few an extra tip. I can say I have never given every person who served me an extra tip. It seems to me the bus person is always going above and beyond. But I don't see what the waiter does in the galley as he is gettig my food. If I only tipped what I saw......

Here is my final conclsion. Tip as suggested, give extra to the ones you think deserve it or don't tip and sail with a line who charges you more and you don't have to tip. Profit is the name of the game.

Ask someone who has sailed for 30 years or more. What you pay for today was free one time. Why do the cruise lines charge for coffee, ice cream and etc? Because they need the income to make a profit. If you had all inclusive cruises like you once did the fare would be out of reach for many. But if you look at your final bill you still pay, it all works out. In the world it is called marketing.

Just my thoughts,

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