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venice, in theory, if 1,000 guest, file individual lawsuits and the federal district court consolidates the cases, they could have 1,000 different judgements ?

That's right.

Since the basic facts in all of the cases are substantially the same and Princess has acknowledged them publicly, the court probably will consolidate the cases. Princess probably will move to dismiss the claims as being without merit based upon the assistance and compensation already provided, whereupon the court will appoint a mediator to oversee discovery, to assess the merit of each claim and to make a recommendation to the court regarding the motion for dismissal, and to facilitate negotiatioon of possible settlement between the plaintiffs whose claims have merit and the cruise line. The judge probably will accept the mediator's recommendation regarding dismissal and the cruise line. The mediator also will facilitate negotiaions of settlements between the parties whose claims he deemed to ahve merit and the cruise line. The handfull of cases that don't settle would move to trial. By consolidating the cases, there would be only one presentation of facts and one jury would hear all of the claims.

I should preface my above post by stating the obvious, for the guest that were actually injured, the cases must be handled on an individual overall interest is how they would handle the claims of those not injured, just inconvienced or suffer "post Princess trauma from the event" ?

The same way.

by Princess admitting upfront it was their fault and giving very generous compensation on the spot and covering guest extra expenses in getting home (air fare wiaver etc.), tha takes alot of steam out of a plaintiffs posit

Yes, I agree.

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