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Parrot Mom,

Just realized all my dress cruise clothes are black.. blank pants, black skirt and all sorts of black tops, from sequenned to lacy knit..Talk about tired of black.. I think with one pair of black palazzo pants I must have or six options for wearing tops... Enough is Enough....loll Does anybody else feel the same way???

I have a white dnner jacket with the proper black formal trowsers. Every so often, though, I get tempted to have a tailor make me a suit in the tuxedo style of mint green fabric with spruce satin inserts in the side seams of the legs and spruce satin lapels....

Or perhaps a sky blue suit with royal blue trim....

Anyway, I would think that you ladies would prefer whites or pastels, perhaps with some dark accents, for wear in the warmer climes where cruise ships spend most of their time.

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