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Does anyone know when they are going to start building this madly, insane ship?

Construction of the lead ship probably is well underway since they announced the order a few months ago.

Are the facilities in Norway big enough to handle something that large?


>> 1. The shipyard would not sign up to build a ship that was beyond its capacity, as that would be a recipe for very expensive lawsuits.

>> 2. The cruise line would not issue a contract to a shipyard that did not have the capacity, as announcing the order of a ship and then not following through would make it look pretty silly, as well as being a recipe for very expensive lawsuits from shareholders.

To put the size of the ship in perspective, though, it's less than half the size of the early "supertankers" of the 1970's. Many shipyards throughout the world can handle vessels of this size.

During its sea trials, it'll probably come up against a rogue wave & probably just spit at it & go, 'HAH!'. "I am Genesis of the Seas!"

Bite your tongue -- real hard -- for saying something like that.

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