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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
Rescue, You know I care about all of you, but I have learned a lot about a cruise board, and I know that posting funny stuff on the Carnival board, makes it look bad. That is why they have the chit chat board, or even the gripes board. It is nothing personal, but I owe a lot to Cruisemates, and I want to do everything I can to improve it.

I agree it could ruin a board but that is why I only put the funny stuff on the threads we started. everyone who goes on here knows which ones they are. I like it on the carnival board cause I do like to make legit posts on the carnival area.most times you will notice I am serious on other threads except a little joke here and there but everyone does that. Kinda like a radio station, you know whats on that station so you either listen or not. also with over 6000 views we must be entertaining someone. again sorry to OP for stepping on your thread.
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