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Originally Posted by dornahasa
What are you all spending so much money on. I'm scared now. This is my first cruise coming up and I don't want to spend any more than I all ready have.
Dorna, it's possible to have a zero balance on your Sail & Sign account if you exercise a little restraint. First of all, though, you will have to prepay your gratuities with your cruise, or else they will show up on your S&S account. Also, you have to prepay excursions, or they, too, will be on your S&S. Actually, even if you prepay excursions, they will show up on your S&S account, with a corresponding credit for the amount prepaid.

You will also have to:
- Buy NO sundries (i.e. suntan lotion, aspirin, forgotten toiletries, etc) in the onboard store
- Drink nothing but the free drinks - there is a drink station where you can get free iced tea, lemonade and a juice or two, also coffee and hot tea (no soda)
- Buy no souvenirs onboard
- Buy no photos onboard

All of those things MUST go on your S&S account onboard. You can't buy those things with cash.

As an example, our $700 S&S account was roughly broken down as $350 bar tab, $50 in the photo shop, $90 for an added excursion, $200 on souvenirs, you get the idea.

You can also (although I wouldn't recommend it) use your S&S account to get cash in the arcade and the casino.
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