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One night I got off an elevator just as a traditional seating was about to begin. I saw a huge group of people milling around. Then the doors opened and the "cattle" were moved inside. Not for me, but I met many people who swear by traditional dining.

Yes, there are several serious layout problems on the ships of the Grand Princess, Diamond Princess, and Caribbean Princess classes and you are describing one of them. Most dining rooms have a lounge near the entrance where passengers can relax with a beverage while awaiting dinner. The aft dinign rooms on these ships, which Princess uses for "Traditional Dining," does not. There's no room for lounge because the galley is in the way. Unfortunately, this creates the very situation that you describe.

When I was aboard MV Grand Princess in 1999 (which was back in the dark ages when all of the dining rooms operated what Princess now calls "Traditional Dining"), I felt bad that there was not enough room in the elevator lobby for a gentleman in a wheelchair who had come for dinner to get off the elevator and noplace to go because the pack of hungry passengers had filled the lobby and backed up the stairs. Unfortuantely, those of us who were close enough to see the gentleman sitting in the wheelchair in the elevator could not move.

My solution to the problem is to cruise on a different class of ships. If I were still crusing with Princess, I probably would stick to the Sun Princess, Island Princess, and (new) {i]Pacific Princess[/i] classes.

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