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Default smoking

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am still a smoker but I cannot stand to be indoors with people smoking. I don't smoke in my home or my vehicle and I would not enjoy a smoke-filled restaurant or cabin that smelled of stale smoke.

I feel that smoking on my balcony or in designated outdoor areas is acceptable and that non-smokers should respect that space and remove themselves from it. Appropriate ashtrays/receptacles are a way to help ensure that smokers dispose of their ashes and butts responsibly with little risk for a fire. Just as with any other trash, it is our responsiblity to keep our sidewalks or decks clean and I find that most smokers try to keep from offending the rest of the world. Those who throw theirs butts on the ground should be reprimanded or fined the way other people who litter are.

I don't wish to subject others to my vice, and I respect those who do not smoke, just as I respect those who do not drink etc. We all can give each other space and not impose on those who don't partake.

I do forsee a future where we will only be able to smoke in our own homes and I suppose that will help us to quit, but the tobacco company lobbies are still so strong, that I feel it is still a long way off.
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