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Dave the Wave,

You've had a h*ll of a lot of responses to this particular thread. Obviously a popular topic of discussion!

But I have to ask -- what's the fascination with Speedos anyway?

I suppose there is perhaps a morbid fascination with these things, but come on!

What's been interesting to me is the ladies' responses. They are at once horrified by the sight of a Speedo, and yet drawn to it somehow. The same ladies who are repulsed by the sight of a nude man, and yet go berzerk at the Chippendale's (or similar) show where the men strip completely naked.

My response to a Speedo has always been "dude, if you're not an Olympic swimmer then put some freaking shorts on. Nobody wants to see your......" I suspect most men think the same way.

I suppose men and women view the world differently -- or at least Speedos!

But perhaps in the final analysis, there is no answer to this question. And maybe it's better that way. Perhaps the Speedo should remain an enigma.

Whatever the case, this has been a great topic -- thank you for posting it!

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