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220,000 tons?! Am I correct in assuming that's not a typo?!

No, "220,000 tons" is NOT a typo -- and neither are "5,400 passengers" and "1,180 feet."

See the company's [url=]press release[/i] announcing construction of this monster for more details.

Do you realize that the largest warships ever constructed, the Nimitz-class aircraft carriers of the U.S. Navy displace "only" 90,000 tons?

The U. S. Navy now lists the "bird farms" of the Nimitz class actually as displacing about 103,000 tons at full (combat) load. These ships also are too big to transit the Panama Canal.

That said, there were tankers in excess of half a million tons when I was in college, back in the 1970's.

I don't suppose that these new RCCL ships will be doing Panama Canal cruises.........

No, but cruise lines have been building so-called "post-Panamax" vessels for nearly a decade. MV Grand Princess (109,000 tons, 2600 passengers) was the first. The largest cruise ships that can fit through the Panama Canal (so-called "Panamax" vessels) displace about 95,000 tons.

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