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Dae The Wave...of course you would say that, you are talking about yourself and your platinum status on RCI !! If you cruised another line, would that ship for that week be of higher quality people !

IMHO..who (or what groups) is/are on the ship on any given week drives more than then ship facilities..It seems that when you get a good group onboard, the crew likes the warmth more and works harder to provide for the guest (the guest make the crew fell appreciated)

Some of my best cruises ever, have been on the smaller older ships (regardless of cruise lines), with a really great crew and cruise director

Now I will admit in my old age I have become somewhat bias..I have gone on three theme( half charter/full charter) cruises on Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland American and loved all 3 but I suspect it is because the group on board at those times had a common theme and made the week..there were no "higher/lower" class of people, just people that loved music, culture and sports
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