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I have to agree with Venice, regardless of when you sail or which ship you sail on, the passengers set the tone immediately for the type of cruise experience you will have on board. When there are fun fellow passengers traveling with you, it is contagious and everyone gets drawn into the fun (including the staff). I have sailed on 3 day itineraries on both the Majesty and Fascination and both ships have positives and negatives. I thought the food on the Majesty was horrible and ate a lot of bread and butter and washed it down with a lot of beer. Other than the night they decorate the Lido Deck for the deck party, it was very boring at night on the Majesty. The Fascination will be going into dry dock in January so think they are holding it together until then and maybe started planning crew changes, etc., already. Don't know if this would affect the party atmosphere but as mentioned earlier, it's the passengers who set the tone. I've sailed on Carnival's Glory and Valor, identical ships except for decor and much prefer the Valor...great crew, better food (even tho it's the same menu), just a fun ship to sail on. I think I'd have to go with Royal Caribbean for a 3 nighter but much prefer Carnival for longer cruises (my personal choice). And, don't book the Majesty because they stop at Coco Cay, they cancel this stop all the time if the seas are rough. Yes, Dave, I do have tattoos, could that be why I prefer Carnival?? NOT, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of.
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