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This is a little bit of a deviation but hey, throw me overboard
On our Princess cruises there has always been a Veterans Gathering, usually on one of the sea days. My husband always looks forward to these. Last month there were two gentlemen who had survived the Bataan Death March. DH was late for supper because they all lost track of the time as these brave souls told their stories.

Wish all the cruise lines would do this. If they can devote time to friends of Bill and Dorothy, they can certainly find a corner for our heros to meet once per cruise. Maybe we could all make our thoughts known to the other lines.

Also, I've been through the Atlanta airport a good deal lately and each time I've travelled there has been a military member in the gate area (especially since I was travelling between Norfolk and Fort Polk). The airlines have always gotten on the PA and recognized the service member and thanked him for his service. People inevitably clap and stand. Quite touching.
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