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Originally Posted by venice may have misunderstood my original post !!! ..Master Sgt, I have the greatest amount of respect for your rank and committment..My son's father-in-law is also a retired master sgt. i the air force as is my son a graduated of USAFA

As you well know, fellow cruisers who want to show their thanks to our servicemen will often treat them to a cocktail without the servicemen ever knowing..every once in awhile when I go out for breakfast on sunday morning and notice an elderly person get out of a car with p.o.w. plates, I ask the waiter to put his coffee on my check.

Women love a man in's something about the air force blue !!! My post was a compliment to the service and to my son
Venice- My ire was directed at Cynic's rather insulting post, not you. I have no problem with what you said. Cynic intimated that scoring with the chicks and trolling for free drinks was our only motivation for wearing the uniform.

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