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Doug R> I coudn't help but notice you drew the line at "plumbers and electricians", and not "policemen and fireman". Where IS this line drawn anyways?

I do not "make light" of servicemen by any means. My father served in WWII. He did, however, not EVER feel the need to exhibit his service to the world. I am proud of him, and his reluctance to be a hero. He never felt he should be called a hero, he killed too many people for that, kept his demons to himself, and took them to his grave. I respect that. And MY comments would echo HIS comments, were he alive today. He had some very choice, non-repeatable words for those that wore their dress unis for anything other than Rememberance Day, Military funerals, and parades. In fact, I never saw him wear it. His bullet scars, however, he showed to me every time I disrespected him as a mouthy teenager.

Venice> I'm glad you think I'm baiting you. Of course, there is only one side to this issue, after all.....

One final point: This would be all well and good, but last election IT MADE ME SICK how one candidate (a decorated serviceman worthy of the utmost respect) was utterly trashed by the opposing party. They spat (figuratively) on the uniform, and the sickest part of all was, America bought it. Not wanting this to get political, I still have to say that I lost a lot of respect for the USA on that day, not because of who won, but how it was done. If "that guy" can trash the uniform with impunity, then I can question "where to draw the line", so to speak.

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