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well to honor the "rules of the road" for this board we stay away from politics, race and sex (cruise cynic you manage to hit on all three (smile)

I am a huge fan of the history channel and also seeking out opportunities to speak with people who have lived thru the period when history was made. I often wonder how the history channel will in the future portray the times we are going thru now

Cruise Cynic, I understand when you speak of your father..Mine was the same way (he served in the segregated army during world world two in the pacific) and he never spoke about fighting" two enemies"..I only found out thru his old army buddies at his funeral about what they had to endure

To close on a cruising note (and I always try to do that)..the absolute greatest dinner conversation I have ever had was when I was on a cruise in Greece during the late 80's...One set of dinner companions were this couple in the 80's that never spoke a word the entire week..we thought they were just not social..the last night we shared a bottle of wine and they shared that they were raised in Germany during Hitler's reign, one was Jewish and the other Catholic and they had to flee to South African in the late 30's...they spoke about what it was like to be teenagers in love
during that period and then what it was like to live under apartheid in South Africa and live long enough to see Mandela free ...if it were not for cruising, I would have never been exposed to them
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