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Default Birthday Getaway- Cruise Fix (Back to Back-ond day cruises)

I just booked 2 one-day cruises for David's birthday present. We leave 9/23 from Seattle to Vancouver on the Dawn Princess. Then we spend much of the day in Vancouver before heading back to Seattle on the H.A.L. Veendam. It is a pain checking in twice and two disaster drills (UGH!) but...

The good part is there will be no plane ride required and the fares for each passenger is about $79 each way for outside cabins. This should prove to be a nice little weekend getaway as a birthday gift. We've had vacations this year to Peru and Oaxaca but no cruises. This will have to do for our cruise fix of 2006.

If we went to the Washington coast for the weekend and stayed in hotels we would spend as much or more, so what the heck.

Now I'm just hoping these ships are sharing the same terminal in Seattle so that our car will be waiting patiently in the parking lot and we won't have to hop a cab to get to our vehicle. Hmmmmm

We did this last year on the Diamond and the Zaandam and the car parking worked out perfectly. I'll be glad when the old docs come so I can find out this little bit of info.

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