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I am looking into trying RCI next I just want to make sure I can get my family of 5 in one cabin. I guess the only way to really compare is to go on a RCI ship. A point can be made that fellow cruisers affect your experience. I just want a cruise full of sun, fun, plenty of music by the pool that I don't need my Ipod, lots of cute blonds to look at, a bar close by (waiters bothering me every 30 seconds was annoying) and surround myself with people who like to have fun!

DTW the standard answer to the TAT question should be "would you finger paint over a picasso"?......My standard answer!!

The comments from other posters about the two lines and their passengers seem to be pretty consistent with what I have heard in other places.

Regarding fitting a family of five into a single cabin, several of Roryal Caribbean's new ships have "family" staterooms that will accommodate that many people comfortably. These cabins generally have a bunk room that sleeps up to four and some additional closet space in addition to the main bedroom area. The catch is that the newer ships that would have these cabins generally do cruises of seven nights or longer, so they might not be a viable option if a short cruise is your goal.

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