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Cruise Cynic,

I coudn't help but notice you drew the line at "plumbers and electricians", and not "policemen and fireman". Where IS this line drawn anyways?

The line is drawn between those who put their lives on the line to defend the rest of us when they report for duty (note that I did not say "work"...) and those who do not.

I want to shake the hand of the servicemen who doesn't wear his dress uniform everywhere.

Members of any country's armed forces on active duty are legitimately entitled, and sometimes required, to wear their uniforms even when they leave their units on leave or liberty. As a former naval officer, I am among those who like to see servicemen wearing their uniforms in public with pride. In view of the present global situation, however, the U. S. armed forces have directed servicemen NOT to wear uniforms ashore in foreign countries to avoid becoming targets of terrorist attacks. This would include going ashore during ports of call.

The present discussion, however, pertains to wearing the proper dress uniforms on formal evenings during a cruise. Many members of the armed forces do not own civilian formalwear. It's quite reasonable for them to wear their uniforms rather than spending their modest pay on rentals of tuxedos or civilian dinner jackets.

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