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Anyone who thinks service members wear their service dress uniform (or any uniform for that matter) trying to get free stuff or pickup chicks is sadly mistaken (there may be a few exceptions but that applies to anything).

As has been said, service members may not have formal wear, sometimes are requried to wear their unform, etc.

Finally, it's about time people thank service members for their sacrifice and service. There was a time not to long aog when the military and those who served were spat upon and treated like dirt.

It doesn't matter what your personal or political view is, regardless service members serve to protect our country, our rights and our freedoms.

I too served and retired and never once did I do it for the "free stuff". I am proud of my service, I salute those who have served as well as those who still serve.

As for other service professions (like police and fire) they too can wear their service uniforms and I also thank them for their service in the same vain as military members.

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