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Today was the first time I have read this thread, except what Venice wrote the first day.

I see that it turned a bit nasty, which is what happens a lot these days. Maybe that is one reason I have not read it until now.

This is a difficult time for us, due to the fact that we are so close to a deployment, but I would like to tell you(with keeping with the cruise theme) what happened to us this last cruise.

Todd our cruise director said to a full theater that he was amazed at all the returning soldiers and those leaving. He asked those who were involved to please stand. You would not believe how many there were. He then asked for those teachers, fireman, police etc. who were also in the audience. He said that all professions were important, because while the soldiers were away, the others watched over there families.

Now as far as wearing a uniform on the cruise. My hubby has never worn his, and I don't think he ever will. I want to explain, but it is important that you keep an open mind.

We cruise to get away from it all. That is why we started cruising in the first place. It is a chance for all of us to be just a normal family. As Doug can agree, it is a life that is part of you 24/7 There is no getting away, except for cruising for 7 short days.

My hubby is my hero no matter what he has or doesn't have on. He is surrounded by many heroes. I still, after all these years get a flutter when I see a uniform.

I don't think CC meant any harm. He just doesn't understand the feeling we have. For the record, most military hate the politics part. What these guys do for their country has little to do with politics. Doug, remember what it was like when a new commander loved politics more than they loved the troops. Yuk, what a mess that always was. I sometimes wish my hubby was a plumber, they sure make a lot more. But, the support that is received is very important. It is important that all who see a soldier, no matter the rank or service, show that you care.

Right now I can hear my hubby fussing about the bad call on the Falcons game. A month from now, I will wish I could hear it.

So, say your prayers, keep good thoughts, and continue to support.


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