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Default Re: Thanks Doug

Originally Posted by merryheart
Thanks Doug...I am honored to get to know you on this Board. My nephew Sgt. Jonathan Hartman was killed in Diwaniyah, Iraq on April 17th, can google his name and read about him...he was my sister's only son...sorry to go on and on!

But I truly admire and respect you even though we have never met. You have a lot to be proud of and so do we!

God Bless You and I so appreciate what you've done for us,
Thank you Merry . While my career was hardly one that inspires heroic tales of bravery, I did manage to get shot at once during the invasion of Panama (the sniper was a real bad shot) and a platoon of Marines dispatched him and a couple of his friends with a couple of rocket propelled grenades.

My condolences at the loss of your nephew. You can be proud of him and his sacrifice.

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