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I was going to say : "In defense of Cruise Cynic", but, I had second thought because old CC is more than capable of defending himself.

Having said that and since I'm probably one of the oldest on this board, I've travelled in every province in Canada, more than half of the US states, I would like to add my 2 cents worth.

There are many similarities in both countries but, there are still some cultural differences. The US demonstrate much more visual patriotism than we do. I think we are every much as patriotic, we just don`t demonstrate it as much. Once, out of service, Canadians just want to forget their military experiences and be on their way. I'm not saying one is better or the other is worse, it's just how it is.

In Canada, military people wear military garments when on duty, funerals, and in parades. On occasion, a military person will wear his uniform when getting married and that`s about it.

I hope this is not interpreted as being political. It's just an observance of mine.

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