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I agree that would come in handy. I don't know that much about with the older community but with the developmentally disabled it would be a great help. I have worked in this field for 10 years and grew up with a girl that "took" me on as her adovacate and last year with my co-workers took a group of 8 individuals on a cruise. However I am taking a cruise in Dec. and we recently adopted a 14 yr that is developmentally disabled the problem comes in that even though he is equal mentally to a 3-5 yr old he is still 14. How do you expalin a child that size in Camp Carnival that is on his same level. So we are just going to make sure that we only do things that he can be included in. But that still leaves no mom and dad time. I know personally that I would be more than happy to help out someone else in the same deliema. I am so glad that times have changed for when I started in this field and people are not as closed minded as to want to "rope us off a section" as it was once suggested to me as I took a group out to eat.
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