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Originally Posted by CruzNut
Probably cuz RCI's latest quarterly stock report shows they're making less money! Or, possibly because the word is out that the food and service is only so-so on RCI ... and Celebrity cares so little about people who have booked cruises next spring on the Connie that they've cancelled all the bookings on those cruises - a total of three involving possibly over 5,000 people!

Actually - the prices are probably higher because they can get away with it. Try Princess instead.
The same thing happened to me for a fall 2007 Jewel of the Seas cruise- both ships it is because of scheduling drydock. I did not feel Royal was too concerned about my cruise being canceled either.

I will say this. Last October I was on Mariner fo the Seas-one of RCCL's newiest ships-and it was just "so-so". Four months later I took a 5 day cruise on Celebrity Zenith-Celebrity's oldest ship for HALF the price of MOS.

Guess which cruise I liked the best? I could not believe how wonderful the Zenith was for such an old ship and the food was much much better.

No Chops or Porotofinos on the Zenith but my steaks on the Zenith were every bit as good as my fillet migon steak at Chops and much better then that Black Angus steak MOS offered in the main dinningroom.
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