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Yes - home-port cruising is a great idea that ironically was a good result of the 9/1 tragedy. I love seeing ships in San Diego harbor when I go there.

Also - having New York City, our greatest city in the USA, as a thriving year-round cruise port once again is such a happy thing. When I lived there I would love summer because the ships would come in for a few months, just to Manhattan. Now they also dock in to Brooklyn and Bayonne. New York harbor is thriving like iit is the 1940s again.

The onboard experience - especially "free-style" dining on almost all ships, is a big change. Also, as Marc points out - more balconies everywhere.

Another thing is more ports. I can remember when there were maybe a dozen Caribbean ports all the lines used over & over - now there are twice that many. I love the opening up of the former Eastern bloc in Europe and the ancient Mediterranean ports (I hope I get to see them some day; Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon).
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