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I was astounded to see that this thread, which I posted 3 years ago, has resurfaced.

Shortly after posting in 2003, I learned about the remedy that Carol mentioned (Hyland's tablets). The name is "Leg Cramps With Quinine", and a bottle is never far from my bedside. I had terrible leg cramps practically every night, cramps which couldn't be "walked off". Dw Kim had them too, and they seemed to get worse as we got older.

Not only did the Hyland's product work well (2 small tabs under your tongue and the pain is gone within minutes), but we both have far fewer leg cramp attacks since we started taking the product. There's still a bottle always nearby, though, whether we're at home or cruising or flying. You can get some at or by calling 1-800-266-4929 ($9.99 for 200 tabs). I really works! And this is not an advertisement.

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