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The World Cruise is a pretty amazing experience. 4 months is a very long time to be on a ship, so you will want to choose carefully. For us the fixed dining on HAL was just not a possibility. We had done a 2 month cruise as a warm up to this one and the ship had fixed seating for dinner. We really did not like that and would have liked it even less for twice the time! Also, would have had to upgrade pretty far to get an equivalent to the bottom rung cabin on Voyager plus all the extras that were included on RSSC. That being said the people who posted their HAL WC experiences were happy with their choices. This is why there are so many different products, I guess, because people do have different priorities. If you have not cruised on different types of lines before, you might take some trial cruises and see what fits and what doesn't. Don't forget that most lines have some kind of past passenger discounts or onboard booking discounts and on a World Cruise taking that short trial cruise up front can pay for itself in the WC discount! If you have any specific questions, you can contact me directly. (The author name on our blog is clickable.) I am sure that you can contact the 2 HAL cruisers directly as well (if they don't have their email accessible somewhere on their board threads, I am sure that if you post there and ask) and that any of us would be happy to share information and help answer your questions. Good luck!
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