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Good morning from swfl....another day in paradise I guess. The heat is getting to me thats for sure. My car part is finally in <my A/C unit> The last one broke right away and we have been waiting and fighting with the person that sold us the part. It has a 90 day warranty on but he had refused to honor it. Can you believe it? My dh finally talked to the owner and it got resolved. Now it's just a matter on driving down there in the heat and getting it It's not so much the heat that is bothering me but the hum is like 100%. YUCK

Tomorrow we are getting shots again and I will be glad friday is around. I have been searching for plane tickets to go up north with the girls for a few days after Labor day. I have to see if they let her out of school for a few days. If not I don't know what I will do, maybe a cruise?

Take care mates
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