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Most everyone will tell you "go for the balcony" for us, this isn't all that much true. If you can get one for $100 per person more, yes, go for it, but if you are talking more than that and usually you are then it would depend on the itinerary and length of cruise. A transatlantic with lots of sea days or Alaska with all the scenery may warrent the extra bucks. My DD and I usually go for balconies cause she loves them. DH and I spend the money elsewhere as he could care less. The best part is coffee in the morning, a nightcap before bed and sitting on the balcony when the ship pulls out of port. Maybe you should ask yourself? When I stay in a hotel, how much time do I spend on the balcony if I have one?

Other than sleeping I would guess we spend about 2 or maybe 3 hours a day in the cabin on sea days and less than 2 on port days. NMNita
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