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Originally Posted by hcat
ISSUE 2 of Crown & Anchor arrived yesterday. Page 19 has a photo of Freedom at 160,00 gross tons--what a monster.
I was on the first week-long passenger sailing of Freedom. I can assure you, she is no monster. Truly expecting she would be too big for my taste, I went for the novelty of the inaugural cruise. What a fantastic surprise! So much so, that I am going back in December to make sure I wasn't making an alcohol-induced premature judgement.

Week after week, I witness people coming back with raves about the ship. People still keep asking "but what about the long tender lines, and crowds in the Windjammer?", and it seems like they need to experience Freedom for themselves before they will believe that we are all telling the truth that the "horrors" just simply do not exist. There is some code that Freedom has "cracked"...she is BIG, but not crowded and monstrous.

I plan to be on the first two sailings of Liberty as well (my first B2B), with a bunch of friends, and imagine I'll be giving Genesis a whirl too. Can't knock it until you've tried it. (even though I used to be in your camp )
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