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Originally Posted by hcat
I cruise so I can watch the sea, enjoy the sunsets etc--do not need a skating show, rock climbing. cirque d-soleile or rap music---but each to their own--just hope my ships are not obscured by the biggies...
I'm the same. Don't spend much time in the promenade, ice-rink, etc. The great thing, however, is that many people do. This is why the ship doesn't feel packed to the gils. Thought I would have hives from the amount of children the H2O Zone would attract, but you know what? It attracted them sooo well, that the main pools were very pleasurable and almost kid-free zones!

I understand your thoughts on crowded ports, and think that is why we won't soon be seeing many creative itineraries on these ships. They'll only go to ports that have the infrastructure to accomodate them. In fact, I am really looking forward to Liberty's eastern next year. Only three ports, and one of them is Labadee (St. Thomas and San Juan are the other two...perfectly capable of dealing with the big ships). LOVE the sea days, and since there is so much to do on Freedom class, it really never feels crowded. Never in a million years did I expect to come back and be a huge Freedom Fan, but here I am!

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