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Default production shows

I'm pretty new to this board, I've only posted a few times so i don't know if this question is allowed or not. I apologise if it isn't.
I know that there is a rule onboard the ships that no videoing of the production shows can take place, although from my experience, there are always people with camcorders filming bits.
I have recently returned from the Galxy east med cruise and wondered if anyone had any video footage of any of the shows? (broadway, rock n' roll, elements and around the world) I love to watch the shows and there is no way these would be sold or anything like that, it's just that I would love to see them again. Also, not just the shows on the Galaxy, but any cruise production shows?
Can anyone help? I don't know if you are allowed to reply to this either, but if not, my email is
many thanks,
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