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rasul mama, thanks for your reply,

Yes, we too are Captain Club members with Celebrity, so we're aware of the standards set by Celebrity. With RCL you get special invitations to private cocktail parties, special "goodies" platter delivered to your cabin, a coupon book with many special discounts for various purchases, including free internet service. Near the end of the trip, you will receive a special gift ie. a cosmetic or shaving travel bag, a travel bag which you wear around your waist, a handy carry on bag. These are a few of "gifts" we have received and they are always nice. There is also the Concierge club, which you get a special key to enter this room. It's only for Diamond members or suite guests. We enjoy going there to meet other guests, free drinks, hor'dorves (? excuse me, I can't for world spell that now that I want to) It's open for breakfast, from 5pm to 8 or 9pm. The Concierge will make any arrangements you need on the trip. It's a wonderful perk.

We too are leaving on Labor Day weekend for RCL trip and again in January on another RCL trip. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the reply.
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