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big apple,

Do not forget the sushi bar open eanh cocktail hour in the Lido area.

Yes, but the sushi bar is not exactly unique to Celebrity and probably no better or worse than on ohter lines.

Am still impressed with Celebrity pastries and in particular the croissants in the am with breakfest.Desserts are to die for and I feel this is one of their main strengths.

Again, I don't see this as unique or superior to other lines. In my experience (13 cruises on Princess and 7 on Celebrity so far), Princess's desserts and pasteries were every bit as good as Celebrity's. I can't spek for other cruise lines.

There is no question that food appears to be at the top of many cruisers list and where you hear the most comments either posative or negative.

Absolutely, but I'll say again that food is very much a matter of personal taste. I think that the quality of the food on Celebrity is similar what I experienced on Princess, and I think that Princess's menus offered much more variety with "theme" menus (Italian, French, and on longer cruises German, Greek Russian, etc.) on most "casual" and "semiformal" evenings. Princess's "Sailaway" (first night) and "Landfall" (last night) menus were basically American, and they really pulled out all the stops on the "formal" evenings. Princess's featured entrees on the last "formal" evening invariably included Beef Wellington, Roast Pheasant, and Now England Lobster Tails. I'm not sure why I don't recall the fish and the vegetarian selection on that menu, not that I recall ever seeing anybody order it....

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