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Let's not go overboard..first there is no question service overall in all areas the Century was above and beyond.. The food for breakfast is the usual...lunch in the dining room or the upstairs buffet is delightful.. I was rather disappointed in their treatment of fish courses.. being a New Englander.. I'm pretty fussy, especially their clam chowder and their caribbean lobster.. Their soups were not always up to par compared to the NCL ships we have sailed.. yes, Norm..NCL has some great soups... especially the chilled soups.. As a Bostonian...I'm accustomed to some really great foods.. One of the things I found a disappointment was the bread baskets... again comparing it to NCL.. Repeatng myself II say the quality of the meats were incredible (it has to do with the vendors at ports also)..One of the great secrets in cruising has always been the lunch in the dining room and on the Century we found the usual brilliant surprises..whether it was a great fish luncheon or our very favorite osso bucca which is difficult to find. Then again, it's the ship, the particular Chef which makes or breaks a dining meal.. Yes, they all have the same menu... but I'm sure they add their particular touches. As we cooks all know... we can follow a particular recipe and each one of the cooks will have a different result, a little this, a little bit of that. Hope to cruise either the Century or the Millineum next year and will be interesting to see if it's the same quality again
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