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Default Victory 7-day cruise to N.E./Canada from NYC Sept 23

Hi Antron and Alexis!
Me and DH also going to NE/Canada on the Victory. Leaving on his birthday Sept 23rd. As Antron finishes his cruise, Alexis will be starting hers, and I presume of course that's on Sept 16th.....As Alexis is getting off I will be embarking.....and so it goes!

I am anxious to read review from Antron, re negatives on the Victory, as Alexis mentioned; since she and I are going to be in transit on the 23rd, I won't have a chance to see her reviews, but I hope she surely does get to post a 5-star review based on her experience. (in other words.....I hope your trip is the best ever!) I too have read mixed reviews on the Victory, but not all cruisers share the same opinion when it comes to service and my experience with any cruise has been that the staff is as nice to you as you are to them!......If I ever get the feeling that I am not receiving the quality of service I am paying for with a reputable company, I will not hesitate to address the issue immediately while still on the ship! Don't hesitate to speak up if you are dissatisfied with any level of comfort you expect to receive.....or if anyone treats you with less respect than you deserve! And, before you reach home port you can adjust the "tip" amounts accordingly by going to the Guest Relations or Purser's desk the night before you dock. Some staff members presume the automatic tip inclusion in your payment is "automatically" coming to them and they may have the attitude that they don't don't have to work at their have control at all times...use it if you must!

We always cash tip a small percentage up-front to cabin stewards and table waiters first or second day of the cruise and let them know that if they keep up the good work.....we will be generous on the last day as well, aside from the usual auto pay amounts. It works for us and we are never disappointed at the personal service we receive. We even brought a collapsing cooler on our Carib. cruise in June and every day our steward filled the cooler with ice for our day trips!

Have a wonderful foliage cruise.....I will order great weather for both of you! (as if!). Looking forward to feedback.....Donna from NYC
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Carnival Victory to N/E & Canada 7 days
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