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thanks for the hooraaayyy about my foot. i have this syst that keeps coming back in the ball of my foot and it is so painful. but we caught this one in time for me to feel like i have a normal foot, so i will be doing all the walking i want in the ports. i am prepared to look at the layout of the victory very close so i can find my way around as easily as possible. and i will be totally honest, any cooking compared to my own is heaven and i know i will love it. i am going solo, so i will be relaxing in a good chair by the window watching the water go by and just totally relaxing. i think if you look for faults in any thing you will find them. i will not be looking for anything that might not up to a 5 star rating because i know that there is no way that is going to be a reality. but i love carnival and i know i am going to have a great time. i think for the first time i will take the automatic $70 tip off my bill. i dont drink at the bars and i never see the maitradee ( spelling ) , but i plan on gifvng my room steward a $20 at the beginning and end of the cruise and i will tip the waiters in the dining room well if i get good service.

i will write a reveiw when i get home. i will be staying with family for a week after the cruise so it will not be right when i get off the ship that i will be able to post it. i know all of us are going to have a wonderful time.
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