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Originally Posted by tracey12
I know bags are scanned, but if they see a bottle in your checked luggage at the ship, what are they going to do!
Surely they won't ask you to take it out, bags are put in the room anyway by the crew
They most certainly will have you take it out of your bag in the security office before they deliver your bag to your cabin. On RCI ships, if the luggage scan shows a questionable item, they will not deliver your bag but hold it in security. You will have to open your bag in their presence and show the item to security.

Last year I took my scuba gear with me on Mariner OTS and had my scuba knife which I strap to my leg in my checked baggage. Security held my bag and I had to go open it and turn in the knife to security, when we got to St. Thomas and St. Maarten, I had to call security ahead of time and they gave me the knife back as I got off the ship with my scuba gear and I turned it in when I reboarded.

I have seen numerous times where RCI security has confiscated alcohol from guests boarding the ship, they hold it for them until the end of the cruise and give it back to them as they disembark.

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