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Default Is there a Doctor on Board???

Set sail in 6 10 yr old is battling appendicitis...spent almost 12 yrs in ER this past Sunday only to learn it was inflamed/enlarged..but white count didn't flag anything so they decided to have me "watch" him. We had another bout of it last night. We did purchase the vacation protection thru Carnival should something happen before hand...but....WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS WITH HIM ONCE WE SET SAIL? Is the doc on board really a doc? What are the odds of a surgeon? Would they airlift us home or to our port of call (Cozumel)??
Any ideas, suggestions??? We have gotten him so pumped up & excited for this trip, I'm almost afraid that he starts denying his pain just so he doesn't feel he ruined it for the rest of us.


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